Love Heals: Abortion Recovery





Many women struggle emotionally years after having an abortion because they've never talked about their experience. Our post-abortion sessions are free and completely confidential. They are a safe place to share your emotions and work towards healing.

Post-Abortion support is available for men and women. P.A.C.E. is an acronym for Post Abortion Counseling Education. Our team is available to facilitate one on one counseling or a group retreat.

How can you tell if you're suffering from the effects of a past abortion?

If you struggle with thoughts of guilt, depression, nightmares, suicide, or other emotional problems, you could be suffering from the effects of a past abortion. Many have trouble forming future relationships or develop eating disorders...or abuse drugs or alcohol. These are part of what is called post-abortion syndrome.

If you're having any of these feelings, ignoring them will not help them go away. Let us help with our post-abortion support sessions. While it can be difficult to attend the first meeting, you'll be surprised at the nonjudgmental understanding and empathy you'll experience there. By taking this important first step, you are affirming that you don't have to feel sad forever.

You also may be experiencing physical complications that may affect you emotionally and spiritually. We would love to connect with you personally in order to properly refer you to a doctor, even if you do not have medical insurance. 

Contact us to ask when our next session starts. And take heart; just by reading this page you are on the path to healing.

What does a post-abortion care group do?

First, everything within the group is confidential. There is a great release in just attending a post-abortion support meeting because it is an action you are taking to move toward healing. Equally important, everyone in the room understands how you feel.

You won't be pressured to tell your story, but you will sense a shared purpose and hope. Once we start a new session, the same people attend so that trust can be built. A few people talk about their experience if they wish to, but you don't have to reveal anything: it's totally your choice.

Our gentle, trained counselors will allow you to grieve in a safe place and to take steps toward healing. They'll guide you through a curriculum designed to help you and the other participants find wholeness and freedom for your life. Make a new start with a clean heart: contact us to sign up for our next session. 

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